We finally started working on the mural. I was out of the island for several weeks so I did not teach for the previous three weeks. Thanks to Peace Corp Worker Mary Steinke from United States the Art Class had a teacher and now we are at the end of the year. Lauren Scaglione, representative of IASA at Ross or Italian American Student Association donated some money for the Art Class, which we decided shall be used to buy materials for the mural. The first profile in orange is Ms Douglas, the principal over the last 10 years and main inspiration for me, teachers and lots of trainees past and present.

Still Life Paintings

Today I chose to work on a Still Life Painting. The only instruction was that they must use the whole paper and NOT make microscopic fruits... May be next time i'll talk more about observing the shapes and observation and make them make a drawing first...

5 minutes in a game where everybody wins...

I decided to test my colective-art-game invention in a new setting and it was very pleasant to see it still works. Tecla, one of my students said: "I really did not know what to draw, because there is such little time but at the same time it was easy, you don't think, you just draw, and whatever comes, it comes..."

Shadow Puppets Part 2

Last class I felt bad for not letting everyone in, but I just had 10 scissors and one cutting knife and did not feel like dealing with the waiting and/or fighting for a scissors or the students just sitting without doing much. Today I choose to let everyone in. It was a bit chaotic yet everyone had a chance to work on their project, either improving it or make a whole new one, so I had 16 students, and the same 10 scissors and two cutting knifes... but somehow it all worked out...
We used upcycled cardboard picked up from the garbage and celophan paper donated by Ms. Alicia Estey.

Shadow Puppets Part 1

We used upcycled cardboard and celophan paper donated by Ms. Alicia Estey.

How do I see my school

Today we were trying to make the design for a mural at the entrance of the School. Each one made their own design and we are going to select and then enlarge some drawings so we can paint the entrance of Calls.

Portraits and Self-Portraits...

Today we worked on Portraiture and Self Portraiture. A very sweet young woman told me: "I liked this a lot because there is so much rage inside me and I can not get it out, I can only write it or draw it"

Playing with texture

Today we went outside the classroom hunting different textures and used a technique called "frotagge" rubbing a crayon over different surfaces. We talked about tactile (we can feel) and visual (we can only see) textures and then we played with the oily vs water quality of materials (water paint over crayon). We talked a bit about Abstract Art vs Figurative Art.

Carnival Masks

Two classes in a row all we have done is carnival masks. Today i danced with the girls some rapso, calipso and other carnival music i brought with me. Nicauri won the amazing prize of a whistle for the best masks.