Collage: First Encounter

Today I prepared almost all the material the students would glue: heads, curly hair, crowns, hands, big shoes, small shoes, high heals, and eyes, many eyes. I use a book Gregor was throwing in the garbage (something EXTREMELY superficial political analysis on the Caribbean from early 90's). And I found some discarded cardboard at a local Supermarket. I had only a pair of scissors and that was one of the reasons I had to bring all the paper already cut. When I tried to explain the kids what they were to organize this parts to create characters, a landscape, whatever they wanted, I realize it was important that i had brought almost every possible shape pre-cut. The students, I don't think, had ever experience collage before. Soon I was cutting shapes "custom made" basically taking orders of what they needed to glue. It took some persuasion but with they finally started to enjoy themselves and their work I ended up with a feeling of "Mission Accomplished"

Workshop on conflict resolution

I feel very proud to have been the catalyser for Ms. Grogan (currently the Principal at Ross preparatory School) to perform a workshop on conflict resolution on June 5th. Both students and teaching staff at CALLS actively participated in the 3 hour long workshop that Ms. Grogan prepared for CALLS

Landscape: the sea

Today I tried in vain to teach them the "fun" principles of perspective and how to create a "realistic" sea scene. It was very frustrating. I don't think anyone had fun. I need to learn to NOT try to teach anything and really make the class about exploring. They are not familiar with the concept of a "realistic sea scene" at all. They did not grow up looking at "painted marine scenes". I don't know what they learnt. But I'm learning my lessons, for sure!