Papier maché: Puppet making

Today we finally started to use some of the shred paper ROSS University donated us... It is an excelent material for Papier maché and here we are making the puppets. Next weeks will be painting and making the costumes and then... we will start rehearsals for the Puppet Show!

Carnival Mood Part 3

Today we worked on making paper "fabric" to make our Carnival Costumes. Tecla is going to be a flower (kind of representing Agriculture) and Gina is going to be a Mermaid (to represent Fishing). I am very pleased that for the first time on the academic year Junica liked the music I played, the reason? it was... this year's Dominican Calypsos! Junica helped a lot painting the floral paper fabric of Tecla's dress. Can't wait until tomorrow!

Carnival Mood Part 2

Today we worked a bit on the masks (painting them) and off course more got excited about Carnival but since there is no time for making a mask AND painting it before Carnival, we started to work on costumes: so far there is going to be a flower, a mermaid and three butterflies... We are using a bag of scraps donated by a local Seamstress, cardboard from Cereal boxes and glue...

Carnival Mood Part 1

We used coconuts as templates for our papier mache masks: we covered them with a plastic bag then started layering handcut bands of print paper (Mary Grogan, Principal at RUPS got it for us)...