CD covers

Today I asked the students to imagine they had a rock band, or a reagge band and to desing the cover of their cd. They were suposed to find a name for their band or a pseudo name for themselves and to illustrate with images and words their cd cover.
While working, we listened to Santana and Los Pericos. I left them still working in their cd covers... they liked so much they used their break time on finishing their projects!

Painting Zoomorphic & Anthropomorphic Figures

Today we completed the projects we had started last tuesday. Mahalia and Anna were not there last tuesday and honestly I didn't know exactly how to manage it. But I gave them a pair of scissors, and Mahalia made her "monster" in record time to paint it. Anna was helping everybody. They were both happy but Mahalia's smile made my day that day. We were listening to Putumayo North African Groove.

From cardboard to Sculptures

I found all this cardboard ready to be thrown with the rest of garbage and decided it would be perfect for an art project. We learnt how to do 3D zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures with the cardboard. First I asked the students to draw geometrical shapes on it, then cut them, then i show them how to make joints to make the 3D figures... It was fun!

Just dancing

Today we just danced. I tried to teach them salsa and merengue, we also danced some cumbia. At the end of the class we did "exquisite corpse" drawings...