The light within

Today the students were supossed to bring a "homework": find materials from nature: beads, seeds, shells, pieces of wood, etc and they were supossed to also bring a big piece of cardboard to work on. They brought nothing. I felt so frustated because I had no idea what to do with them and because i had a guest: Mary Grogan who was very excited about the work i would do with the kids. I decided to go ahead with the part of the plan that we could still do: we read the famous Mandela fragment on what we really fear is our light...
That light was the epiphany I had after warming up with some dance and actual physical exercises we did. I had brought some black paper hoping to use it later, on a different project. We worked then with the yellow chalk the teachers use on the blackboard, on the black paper, doing contour exercise first of our hands, then of each other.

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